Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had Christmas in Little Rock this year. Both of our parents spent Christmas Day with us.
We started our Christmas celebration with a Christmas Eve service at church. I told the story of Jesus birth with help from children at church. I'm hoping to get some pics from one of the other Mom's and will post later. They were precious! Seth played the angel that appeared to Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds. He flapped those wings so good I thought he really would fly!

The rest was low key at home time. Seth put out food for Santa's reindeers. Seth put out pie, fudge and milk for Santa.

Santa was good to Seth. As he put it....he brought me everything I ever wanted. We have a hard time getting him to pause the Indiana Jones game. I think I'm going to have to get a timer for the living room.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The romance continues

Seth was out of school Monday and I was also off of work so we took the opportunity to take a road trip to see Laura and Madelen.  We had a fabulous time just being together.  A highlight from the trip was a package Madelen received from her Daddy while we were there.   Bill had been on home on leave and just went back to Iraq on Wednesday.  The USO had something set up at DFW airport where he could pick out a book for her and they filmed him reading it to her.  The package contained the DVD and the book.  

As we were leaving to come home Madelen and Seth both said there good-byes with a "love ya"!

Here are the latest pictures Laura and I are hoping we can find when we are putting together the photos for their rehearsal dinner :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"i'll pray for you momma"

On the days I take Seth to school I always try to pray for him on the way.  We picked the big American Flag we see as our reminder to pray.  When I pray for him I usually pray for him to have a good day, be a friend to everyone, eat all his lunch, learn lots, and be happy when I pick him up.

Yesterday he offered to pray for me.  It went something like this....
"Dear God, 
Thank you for today.  Thank you for Momma.  Please help her have a good work day...and help her be good today....and help her be really good....and help her.  Amen."

When I picked him up I was sure to update him on what a great day I had and thanked him for praying for me.

Today I was leaving for Chicago for a trip and would be away for a few days.  On the way to school I prayed for him and again he prayed for me.  

Today's Prayer recap
"Dear God,
Thank you for today.  Help Momma have a good work day...and help Momma have a good trip.  Help Momma to not get lost and help her to stay safe and in safe places.  Please take care of Daddy so he can take care of me....and when Momma gets back we can all take care of each other.  Amen."

Yes....I had tears in my eyes.

The trip back

did I mention that going to the pumpkin patch is exhausting?

Seth's First Kindergarten Field Trip....The Pumpkin Patch

Steve and I both got to go with Seth on his first Kindergarten Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  I think one of the highlights for Seth was getting to ride on a big yellow school bus.  (about two weeks ago he asked me if he could change from a car rider to a bus rider)

The sweet little girl with Steve is Lehia.  She is at the same table as Seth and seems to take care of him.  She wanted to sit by him on the bus but he picked Momma!!!  

I used to think the term "momma's boy" was negative but not anymore.

Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Football Season!!!!

and time for some tailgating! The hogs pulled the game out in the last minutes. It could possibly be a long season.

Aren't they a cute couple?

I wonder how many times in this world two friends have taken a picture of their kids and laugh and say maybe we'll show this at their wedding someday. The lucky lady in this picture is Madelyn. She is the daughter of my total friend Laura. Laura and I met in college and then both accepted job offers at the same hotel after graduation. And now we get to be Moms together.

Even though it rarely happens, I have friends whose Moms were best friends.
So even though the chances are not is possible....don't you think they look good together?

Rememer when Opie nursed the baby bird....

I had flashbacks to that episode of Andy Griffith last week when Seth and boys across the street found a hurt bird. They where oohing and awing over it and even dug up a worm to feed it.
To be honest....I don't remember how that episode ends...but I'm sure there are tears. Luckily Joanna, the true mother hen of our neighborhood, got home from the pool and took over bird duty. I was thankful that she took responsibility.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

God gives us friends!

One of Seth's favorite songs from Sunday morning at church is "God gives us friends!"

Well God has given him a good friend at school. Her name is Lehia. She attended Pre-K at Terry Elementary so she is not the rookie Seth is. They sit at the same table and also beside each other at lunch time. Lunch time has been hard for Seth but Lehia has been a good friend and tried to cheer him up when he is sad. She has also helped him find his way around school when he is unsure.

God has always blessed me wherever I have been to have good friends...and he is faithful to do the same for Seth.

New words and New ways

I love hearing about all the new things that are part of Seth's Kindergarten days.
Yesterday the teacher sent home a note to go over some things with him. One was to ask him about the 3 things to do to be a good listener. He has them down pat.
1. Eyes on the speaker
2. Hands in your lap
3. Ears are listening
Now just to just get him to practice them the same time!

Seth also used a new word....illustrated. He used it in the right context but when I asked him what the word meant he wasn't sure.

Nice Truck

Last Sunday Seth and I were on our way to Maumelle for some bowling with friends from church. As we were traveling down the interstate Seth noticed a flat bed 18 wheeler full of compacted cardboard trash.

Seth pointed out to me that the truck was full of garbage and that truck must be taking it somewhere. He then added....isn't it nice of that truck to do that.


I saw this on someone else's blog and thought I'd give it a shot. It is a word picture created/generated from my Blog entries. click on the image to view it larger.

It is compliments of the following site:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten....the morning story

Seth didn't jump out off bed singing "first day of school" like Nemo does but I certainly did. But once he did get up and get going I was very impressed how much of his getting ready he wanted to take on independently. While I was getting ready he came to inform me he was going to pack his own lunch.

Once we got to school we let Seth lead the way in the school. That was a little hard because of his slow, take it all in, stroll down the hallway. It took alot of self-control for me not to prod him along. When we made it to the room, Ms. Udouj greeted us and even had a suprise for Seth on his hook. He had left something in the room when we stopped by on Friday night to meet her.

It was tempting to hang around but Seth found his seat and got in it so i grabbed Steve and we exited with no tears from Seth. I was able to hold my tears until we got back in the car.

I will add pictures soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are at Camp!

I think the best week of Seth's life last year was at church camp.  Well we are back again and there is an extra bounce in his step and gleam in his eyes.

One of the parts that is so fun to me is to watch him set up his home away from home.  He loves to claim his territory in our cabin.  This year our cabin has bunk beds and a double bed.  He immediately claimed the bottom bunk and spread out his Bass Pro Shop sleeping bag.  However a few minutes later he informed me that the top bunk would be his nap bed.  Funny how a boy who rarely naps would scope out a nap bed.

I'll run faster than.....

Seth and I are attending church camp this week.  This morning as we were walking to the pavilion for our church group's meeting and quiet time.  On the way Seth said, "Mom, if I see a snake I'm going to run faster than a statue."

Do I grin and let it go or begin a long discussion on statues?

I went for it and mentioned to Seth that statues don't run.  Silly me was not thinking about the fact that in the latest TMNT movie (that's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie for those who don't know the lingo) that statues come to life and do run around.

Seth replied, "But if they cracked open and did, I would run faster!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long nap or short nap?

Today Seth asked me if God takes shorter naps than we do?

I told him that I don't think God takes naps which somehow made Seth wonder if the chair is heaven are more comfortable.

Don't know where in the world this is coming from.....just glad he is thinking and wondering about God.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What do you like about God?

Last week when i was driving Seth to school he asked me, "Mom, do you know what I like about God?"

"No" I replied.

"That He heals people" and after a pause added, "and He helps us"

"And why does he do that?"

"Because He loves us" heart almost burst open because it was so full of joy.

Famous last words....

Seth's first words every morning: Chocolate Milk (said in a groggy voice)
Seth's last words every day: Chocolate Milk


Don't you just love the things kids say sometimes. My Seth is always bringing a smile to my face. I have a friend that I usually call to share this things with. It recently hit me that I couldn't remember all the stories when a lady I had told one asked me to tell one to her friend. So I am going to try to journal more of them along the way.

I realize that some might be "you had to be there" stories. Nonetheless I will use this space to keep them for me.

Seth: Mom, did we pass McDonalds?
Me: No
Seth: Are we taking a short cut or a long cut?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seth's Biggest Fans

Seth's biggest fans were able to make it to his last TBall game and attend the trophy party afterwards. Seth's coached made Grandpa's day by calling Seth a slugger and asked Grandpa if he had something to do with that.

The season's over.... :-(

There is nothing better in this world to me than a TBall game. I love how the whole team gives it their all running into the outfield to get the ball. I love that everyone gets to bat every inning and touch all the bases. I love that everyone gets to go out in the field and no one sits on the bench except when waiting to bat. I love the freedom each player has to run off the the field at any moment to go tell Mom or Dad something or even go to the bathroom. I love that the best part of getting to first base is getting to play in the dirt.

Please don't get me wrong....I believe that baseball in it's true form of competition is wonderful. But as a Mom of a preschooler, TBall is the perfect introduction into the game without all the pressures. If I weren't already so busy with other kid activites I would have to consider being a TBall Coach.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Camping pics

Memorial Weekend 2008

Wow! After such a fabulous time last year on a float/camping trip with friends on Memorial Weekend we decided to go for it again!

This year we were able to reserve a fabulous camping spot at Blanchard Springs. It was beside a bluff with a cave that the kids loved! They were always on the lookout for a caveman.

Our float day started out questionable. Just as we started to shove off the rain started coming down. The guy who drove the van to drop us off let us jump back in the van and wait it out for about 30 minutes. Once we got on the river it clear up and although still cloudy it was a wonderful day. That evening we went down to the court square again for some pickin' and grinnin'.....I kept my mouth shut this time and did not request a blue grass song of a folk band. I did hear a new song that I will request next year called "Chicken Truck". Can't'll just have to go to Mt. View and experience it yourself!

We had a wonderful church service on Sunday morning at the ampitheater. Samantha Rangel and her friend Meg Kelley led us in worship and then my Steve lead us in a devotional/discussion time. After that we found a great swimming hole and the kids were happy skipping rocks, catching tadpoles and crawdads, and swimming.

We've already decided to go back next year .....does three years in a row make it a tradition?

We'll get the group camping spot again so we've go room for more friends....come and join us!

Mother's Day at Magic Springs

I got what I wished for this Mother's Day.....a day with my boys at Magic Springs. Not only that but one other wish came true.....Seth is an official roller coaster rider! Since he was a baby I started him on roller coaster training....tossing him up and down and all around. It paid off....he is finally 42" tall and took on his first real coaster...Big Bad John. It was a little much for him the first time and I wan't sure he would get back on....but he did and the scond time, knowing what to expect, he enjoyed it and even let out a "WaHoo!"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Me and the Shelby girls

Hello world meet my newest friend Amelia Ruth Shelby born May 9th. Her big sisters, Victoria and Samantha, keep me supplied with lots of girl hugs.

Mother's Day Tea

Seth's class had a Mother's Day Tea on Friday. His class worked hard that morning preparing. They actually mixed and baked the muffins we had! Seth made me a plate with his hand print in red. The teacher told me that he is always adament about using "boy colors". When she went to write his name on the back she was so focused on his insisting that his be red that she wrote Red on the back of the plate instead of his name. So he now has the nickname Big Red at school.

My favorite thing that the teachers do every year for Mother's Day is the questionair they do with the kids about their Moms. Here is how Seth answered his questions.....

My Mom's name is Stephanie and is is 15

Her hair is brown

Her eyes are blue

Her favorite color is green

She likes to eat salad

I like it when my Mom plays my brother's game that pops and lands on a number

My Mom can do lots of things but she is best at playing with me

My Mom is so smart she even knows how to keep a promise

I'd like to tell my Mom that I love her

Mom is special because she was born

I love her because she let's me go to her mom and dad's house

Out in the field

Seth's "ready" stance isn't quite the way the coach taught him....however it caught on and by the end of the game half of his teammates were doing the Seth frog squat. I'm going to have to work on him setting good examples...especially if others are going to follow his lead!