Monday, September 1, 2008

It's Football Season!!!!

and time for some tailgating! The hogs pulled the game out in the last minutes. It could possibly be a long season.

Aren't they a cute couple?

I wonder how many times in this world two friends have taken a picture of their kids and laugh and say maybe we'll show this at their wedding someday. The lucky lady in this picture is Madelyn. She is the daughter of my total friend Laura. Laura and I met in college and then both accepted job offers at the same hotel after graduation. And now we get to be Moms together.

Even though it rarely happens, I have friends whose Moms were best friends.
So even though the chances are not is possible....don't you think they look good together?

Rememer when Opie nursed the baby bird....

I had flashbacks to that episode of Andy Griffith last week when Seth and boys across the street found a hurt bird. They where oohing and awing over it and even dug up a worm to feed it.
To be honest....I don't remember how that episode ends...but I'm sure there are tears. Luckily Joanna, the true mother hen of our neighborhood, got home from the pool and took over bird duty. I was thankful that she took responsibility.