Thursday, March 27, 2008

A few more pics from Day Four

One large Chia Pet

Spring Break - Day Four

Fun Fun Fun are the words for today.
We went to the Arboretum for Dallas Blooms!  I'm having a hard time picking which pictures to post because we took so many and they are all good.  
We are going to Fireside Pizza for Patti's birthday dinner tonight.

Spring Break - Day Three

No pictures for day three.....we spent the day reorganizing Seth's room and getting packed to go see Aunt Patti for her birthday.  Should have taken a picture of his we will have a reference point of what his room looks like organized!  We left late for Dallas but the bonus was that by leaving late daddy could go with us!  We made it to Plano just as the clock turned past midnight so we were the first ones to wish Aunt Patti a Happy Birthday!

Spring Break - Day Two

Day Two of Spring Break started with a fancy brunch with Miss Anna.  Anna was my intern last summer and we are now bound by a friendship.  She will become Mrs. Dietrich in May so we caught up on wedding planning, student teaching, and life in general.  After brunch we stopped by my office to somewhat clean off my desk so it wouldn't be so scary on Monday.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Zoo Trick

Crowing like a rooster will sometimes bring the animals out!

Spring Break Day One

We began Seth Spring Break by spending the night at the Holiday Express here in Little Rock with our friends Tori & Sidney. Sound silly? Not when you can go swimming in an indoor pool!!!! The hotel even let us have a late check out time so we could swim longer! After a late lunch we went to the ZOO!

Raise your hand if you like Cotton Candy

Friday, March 7, 2008

Another S*N*O*W***D*A*Y

Yes....we got another S*N*O*W***D*A*Y!!!!

this time we got enough to make & partake in a Blackard tradition.....Making Snow Cream!
if for some reason you don't know what Snow Cream is, it is making an ice cream like treat out of SNOW!!!

Here is Seth mixing it up!

Seth's Snow Walk more entry from our Tuesday S*N*O*W***D*A*Y.
I mentioned to Seth late Tuesday morning that we might walk down to the church in the afternoon so Momma could take care of a few things.  When the time came, Seth held me to my exact words....he wanted to walk.   The thought of walking to church seemed doable, being downhill all the way....but thinking ahead to the return trip, I was afraid he would run out of gas and there I would be trying to carry him home uphill in the snow.  Okay so the snow had was still cold and uphill.  Therefore I chose to let him walk and I drove right behind him all the way.  It was so fun to watch him bounce happily along his way.  He actually ran a good part of it and that was in cowboy boots!
Much to my surprise, when it came time to go home he insisted on walking again.
Now my Seth will officially be able to tell his children about walking to church in the snow.....uphill on the way home.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



We finally got our S*N*O*W****D*A*Y. Thanks to Logan King Seth had the perfect thing to wear....Carhart Coveralls! We made phone calls to let everybody know we were having a snow day and found out that they are too! Seth said it must be snowing all around the towns!

FYI....Seth is on the lookout for soft snow...the snow in our yard is crunchy snow.