Thursday, August 28, 2008

God gives us friends!

One of Seth's favorite songs from Sunday morning at church is "God gives us friends!"

Well God has given him a good friend at school. Her name is Lehia. She attended Pre-K at Terry Elementary so she is not the rookie Seth is. They sit at the same table and also beside each other at lunch time. Lunch time has been hard for Seth but Lehia has been a good friend and tried to cheer him up when he is sad. She has also helped him find his way around school when he is unsure.

God has always blessed me wherever I have been to have good friends...and he is faithful to do the same for Seth.

New words and New ways

I love hearing about all the new things that are part of Seth's Kindergarten days.
Yesterday the teacher sent home a note to go over some things with him. One was to ask him about the 3 things to do to be a good listener. He has them down pat.
1. Eyes on the speaker
2. Hands in your lap
3. Ears are listening
Now just to just get him to practice them the same time!

Seth also used a new word....illustrated. He used it in the right context but when I asked him what the word meant he wasn't sure.

Nice Truck

Last Sunday Seth and I were on our way to Maumelle for some bowling with friends from church. As we were traveling down the interstate Seth noticed a flat bed 18 wheeler full of compacted cardboard trash.

Seth pointed out to me that the truck was full of garbage and that truck must be taking it somewhere. He then added....isn't it nice of that truck to do that.


I saw this on someone else's blog and thought I'd give it a shot. It is a word picture created/generated from my Blog entries. click on the image to view it larger.

It is compliments of the following site:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten....the morning story

Seth didn't jump out off bed singing "first day of school" like Nemo does but I certainly did. But once he did get up and get going I was very impressed how much of his getting ready he wanted to take on independently. While I was getting ready he came to inform me he was going to pack his own lunch.

Once we got to school we let Seth lead the way in the school. That was a little hard because of his slow, take it all in, stroll down the hallway. It took alot of self-control for me not to prod him along. When we made it to the room, Ms. Udouj greeted us and even had a suprise for Seth on his hook. He had left something in the room when we stopped by on Friday night to meet her.

It was tempting to hang around but Seth found his seat and got in it so i grabbed Steve and we exited with no tears from Seth. I was able to hold my tears until we got back in the car.

I will add pictures soon.