Thursday, February 28, 2008

Memo to the World....the numbering system has changed

Seth made an interesting announcement in the bathroom yesterday. He let me know that he was changing the bathroom know the one.....#1 and #2. He has decided that #1 will now be #2 and # 2 will now be #1.

Not sure where this came from.

But looking for a rainbow in this.....I'm choosing to focus on the personality trait that maybe my son will not conform to what the world says is the way things should be and go with what he feels in heart is the right thing.

I just need to focus on making sure his heart is always in the right place!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Surprise Valentine from Guess Who!

We had a great time on Wednesday at Seth's class Valentine party.  Had heart shaped cookies, cheese, chex mix, and made a valentine finger puppet.  Seth gave all of his friends a ring pop for Valentine's Day.

When I picked Seth up from school that afternoon he had his box of Valentines with him and immediately started pulling them out one by one commenting on each one...especially the princess ones.  He couldn't understand why someone would give him a princess valentine.  

With great surprise in his voice he pulled a ring pop out of his valentine box and exclaimed, "I gave myself a valentine.  That was awfully nice of me!"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Love Story....5 year old style

Monday afternoon:
When I picked up Seth from school he informed me that Mary told him that she was his girlfriend. I asked him how that happened and he told me that Mary had broken up with Caleb. [my thoughts: BREAKING UP? WHAT DOES A 5 YEAR OLD KNOW ABOUT BREAKING UP!] Remaining calm I asked him what does breaking up mean.

"It means you don't play with them anymore" Seth replied. [not to bad I thought]

Tuesday morning:
When I dropped him off at school I asked the teacher what was going on....Mary is Seth's girlfriend? Mary has "broken up" with Caleb? The teacher grinned and started explaining that Mary is a girl in another class who comes down to their class for lunch and nap time. Seth had informed his teacher on Monday that he had to sit by Mary. The teacher said even though she has a boy table and girl table at lunch that Seth sat at the girl table so he could sit by Mary. The teacher also commented that he had picked a "high maintenance" one. [my thoughts: his dad will be able to help him with this!]

Tuesday afternoon:
I pick Seth up from school and he breaks the news that Mary broke up with him. :-(

Wednesday morning:
When I saw Seth's teacher she started grinning and said "I've got to tell you what happened yesterday." The story goes that they were on the playground and Mary started yelling at Seth that she didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore. Seth got a distraught look on his face and when the teacher went to him he stated that "he needed a moment....could he go have a moment". She gave him his "moment". In the meantime the guys huddled around him to lend their support and encourage him that he didn't need a girlfriend and he should just hang with the guys.

I asked what the word was today on Mary and he said he didn't play with her today.

Like sands through the hour glass.....those are the days of our lives.....