Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here you go sisters...

Sunday the beach!

This is Seth's Sunday School large group story time at church!  They were learning that "Jesus wants us to obey" through the story of Jesus fishing with Peter.

WaHoo! Ride'm Cowboy

These pics are from Seth's friend Trent's birthday party.  Seth had a blast and couldn't wait to call Grandpa Pat to tell him he rode a real horse!

Who loves Grandma?

BaDump BaDump BaDump

a view from the shark tent

Look Mom! I can do tricks!

Who Wants a Spiderman Skateboard?

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Loving Christmas

There is nothing like having a child around to remind you of the magic of Christmas time.

The Cake

After looking at the Spiderman cake everytime we went to Kroger this year...when it came time to order one for his birthday Seth surprised me by picking the fishing cake....didn't surprise Grandpa Pat, his fishing coach.


It's not a birthday without presents!

Happy 5th Birthday Seth!!!

Seth turned 5 on Friday, Dec 7th. It was a big day starting with getting his own Power Ranger camera that morning. He took pictures all the way to school. At school we had Razorback cookies with all his classmates. We took him to a special lunch at Seikisui....aka the place where they cook in front of you. Then on to the mall for our birthday tradition of seeing Santa and making a friend at Build-A-Bear. That evening we had Trent buddy over for a birthday sleepover party.

Blog Catch-up: OPEN HOUSE

Seth on stage with his class singing "Must Be Santa"


Seth loved having his cousin Gracie here. These pics were taken the morning we took Gracie to the airport to go back to Hawaii. Every now and then he asks me if we can go to the airport and pick up Gracie...he thinks it is like me picking him up from school.

Blog Catch-up: HOG FANS

We spent the fall going to football games....Thursday nights were traveling to see Conor and Saturday's were Hog games. The boys made all the Razorback games in Fayetteville and I made most games. I LOVE tailgating....Steve cooks and clean up is throwing it in the trash! We made lots of friends by having the little TV and keeping those around us updated on scores of the games going on before the Hog games.