Thursday, October 23, 2008

The romance continues

Seth was out of school Monday and I was also off of work so we took the opportunity to take a road trip to see Laura and Madelen.  We had a fabulous time just being together.  A highlight from the trip was a package Madelen received from her Daddy while we were there.   Bill had been on home on leave and just went back to Iraq on Wednesday.  The USO had something set up at DFW airport where he could pick out a book for her and they filmed him reading it to her.  The package contained the DVD and the book.  

As we were leaving to come home Madelen and Seth both said there good-byes with a "love ya"!

Here are the latest pictures Laura and I are hoping we can find when we are putting together the photos for their rehearsal dinner :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"i'll pray for you momma"

On the days I take Seth to school I always try to pray for him on the way.  We picked the big American Flag we see as our reminder to pray.  When I pray for him I usually pray for him to have a good day, be a friend to everyone, eat all his lunch, learn lots, and be happy when I pick him up.

Yesterday he offered to pray for me.  It went something like this....
"Dear God, 
Thank you for today.  Thank you for Momma.  Please help her have a good work day...and help her be good today....and help her be really good....and help her.  Amen."

When I picked him up I was sure to update him on what a great day I had and thanked him for praying for me.

Today I was leaving for Chicago for a trip and would be away for a few days.  On the way to school I prayed for him and again he prayed for me.  

Today's Prayer recap
"Dear God,
Thank you for today.  Help Momma have a good work day...and help Momma have a good trip.  Help Momma to not get lost and help her to stay safe and in safe places.  Please take care of Daddy so he can take care of me....and when Momma gets back we can all take care of each other.  Amen."

Yes....I had tears in my eyes.

The trip back

did I mention that going to the pumpkin patch is exhausting?

Seth's First Kindergarten Field Trip....The Pumpkin Patch

Steve and I both got to go with Seth on his first Kindergarten Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  I think one of the highlights for Seth was getting to ride on a big yellow school bus.  (about two weeks ago he asked me if he could change from a car rider to a bus rider)

The sweet little girl with Steve is Lehia.  She is at the same table as Seth and seems to take care of him.  She wanted to sit by him on the bus but he picked Momma!!!  

I used to think the term "momma's boy" was negative but not anymore.